If you are here you may be either a new listener or having trouble listening. We can help.   We have a variety of ways to listen on most any device you may have if you have sound on your device normally.  

1   The responsive player on the Home page that shows (most of the time) the album covers and name of the song playing.  It also has a song history showing the songs you have listened too - not just the last ones played but actually the ones you were online for with that player.  It also lets you change channels to our Gospel only sister station - www.GodsStation.org   The down side to this primary full bells and whistles player is that it will stop if you change pages. One way around that is to open new or additional windows for other pages or when you go to FACEBOOK or a game site like POGO. That way you can keep listening while doing other things.

 2  The OLDER STYLE PLAYER on the LISTEN page - like we used to use before some years back - it shows the last songs played whether you were listening or not and may work for you when the fancy new one does not.  Also like the HOME page player it will not keep playing if you open other pages, but you can open a new page on this site or elsewhere in a new window on your browser, or use a second browser and the music will keep going.

 3  Our Pop-up player - you can start it by clicking the big green play button on the top right of most of the pages except the HOME page and it will open a smaller boxed popup player you can start and listen to while you do just about anything else online.  It may not work on some systems and of course if you have a pop-up blocker going it may not work without you allowing it to come up.

 4  Tablets and smart phones should be able to play our HOME page player as its the latest HTML5 compatible and should work with most newer devices. Keep in mind that if you listen on your smart phone and don't have it tied to your home wi-fi internet you could be using your network data and might run out if limited or get charged for it in some rare cases.  One neat trick we see is people with older smart phones, which are not working as phones currently can be nice internet tools around the house using your wi-fi connection - such as to listen to our station (or others) while you walk around and do things at home.