We like Oldies.

   Whether the songs are 60s Rock and Roll, 70s country, or "Big Band" music from the 40s - we like oldies! Often we associate a particular song with an event in our lives and most have some great memories that go with them.  


    If you like oldies give us a listen.    If you don't like what is playing, try to stick with us a bit, or check back in a few minutes.

   Our mix of music is such that you may hear quite a variety, and hopefully something you like will be along quickly.  We are considering a theme where we play certain types on certain days or times - and if we have enough input from you, our listeners, we will do that.

    So - let us know what you like and let your musical favorites be known - we will try to work them in.

    By the way - as we are members of AARP for several decades, we classify as "OLDIES" ourselves. We still like to see ourselves as much younger and enjoy these songs.

    If you like oldies give us a listen.we hope to keep this station going without commercials, allowing some donations to help pay for the server for the website and the server for the music stream each month.  

    Check our menu for a link to safely donate using the well known and secure PAYPAL method if you like our station and feel you can spare a bit to help keep us online.  We don't need much to keep the server bills paid so even a small donation of a few dollars can help.

   Either way - enjoy listening and let us keep you company with great oldies - even if you are not an oldie yet yourself.


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